Saturday, May 28, 2016

Return of the Twinkle Toes!

We have a bit of a Parallax Toddler revival going on at this thread over on the Parallax Forums. In thread, we began discussing bump sensors for the Toddler - that were nick-named "Twinkle Toes!" - Parallax Part #27312. As far as I know Carol Lynn Hazlett got the last set from Hobby Engineering. Above is a photo of the Blue Toddler. A pdf describing how they work is here (Chapter 8 from the Toddler Manual). See additional photos below including one to the the sensors, Gold Toddler, Toddler Control Board, and all the parts!

We also discussed recreating the Toddler Bump Sensors - which are no longer available. "Publison" at the Forums has recreated the design of the PCB and is getting them made. He says,
"I'm going to get them done with Solder Mask and Silkscreen so the would look finished. The difference was $3.00 per set with no mask or screen. I'm going with ExpressPCB right now. I will get 7 sets, (with one board left over). Looks like on set of Twinkle Toes boards, (right, left), will cost $11+ shipping. You will have to supply the two resistors. the Red/Green LED, and the headers. I'll send this order out Tuesday and get them back by Thursday. I'm taking two sets, erco gets one and Whit gets one. That leaves three. Should we make Ken buy a set? Also you will need 4-40 screws and nuts and the wire, available at most hardware stores and R/C outlets."
Here is Publison's recreation of the PCB. So excited to be even a small part of reviving this bit of Parallax history!

The Twinkle Toes installed from the pdf.
Post Script - we also have a great conversation going with Harry Lewis at Blue Bell Design - see note in the Forum thread.


Ken Gracey said...

Ken will buy several sets for museum-ready Toddlers!

Carol Hazlett said...

I wish I had known at the time that there would be no more, I would have ordered all they had left at the time.

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