Sunday, May 15, 2016

Idea Zeroids

This is Zerak - Had it!

Zobor - I know I had this one too!
Zintar - Had them all - I guess!

Per the post below, I was just reminded of Idea Toy Companies Zeroid Robots. I had these when I was little and had completely forgotten them! A quick Google search turned up the following. More as I find it. I would love to get some of these!

Here is what wikipedia says about Zeroids - Also found this vintage commercial on YouTube.

Another site here - - and another really good one! -

Love these old advertisements!

And finally - These roboteers are building their own! Mercy!

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andy shaw said...

Brilliant, I love Zeroids and have a collection of them. I produce the life sized Zeroid featured on Alphadrome.

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