Monday, May 28, 2007

Something New

Most of my time is spent as a father and a priest and all that ministry entails. My hobbies for most of my adult life have been connected in one way or another with my vocation. For a while, I have wanted a hobby so I could use my hands and brain in some new ways. Now, I enjoy learning new things and I've found something I really love - believe it or not - Robotics!

I started reading about hobby Robots on the web in October of 2006. I got my first small robot-like gadget (Solarbotics - SolarSpeeder2) for Christmas along with a subscription to Robot Magazine. The day after Christmas, as I sat soldering in my bedroom, my son Thomas walked in saw the smoke and electronic gizmos and said, "I like your evil robot lab." I was hooked.

This website will chronicle my adventures as an amateur roboticist and will help me keep up with my work (both successes and failures) in that new exploration - along with some personal reflections on trying new things.

The photo is from the great 1927 film, Metropolis.