Saturday, July 14, 2018

New BugBot and a Challenge from the Past

Carol Lynn Hazlett is making a new Bug Bot (and I am following her lead!), which is a copy of the old Milford Instruments' Stampbug. It is shown below, along with her new version. The bot is 3D printed and running with a Parallax Propeller FLiP and other updated technology.

The Original Stampbug.

Carol's New Bot.

3D printed, with Propeller FLiP, with LaserPING))) "wiskers"!
She printed one for me too!

This got me searching and I found this again... It is a challenge from an earlier day with some fun ideas from an old Parallax Forums thread - here. This video, posted in September of 2009, shows a modified Stampbug (the original version). It was the winner of the Trident Gymnastics STAMP Olympiad - Loughborough - LUCIFER (Loughborough University Collective Intelligence for Enhanced Robotics) Gymnastics event. Carol, we gotta try this!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Meeting a Friend in Seattle!

Robothon T-shirts, the Parallax Forums, Facebook, email and a great love of all things robotic made us friends across 2400 miles. Yesterday, I met one of my robotics’ heros - builder, programmer, author, and educator Carol Lynn Hazlett, and her husband in Seattle. What a treat!

And she brought toys...

Carol's 3D printed LaserPING))) mounts.

Getting the author's signature!

Carol's new Bug Bot.

Original Milford Stamp Bug.

Guess what Carol printed for me!

Robots & Sci-Fi

Great robotics and sci-fi stuff at the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture! What fun!

More Seattle Bots

Robot fun at the Seattle Space Needle