Monday, May 9, 2016

DHB-10 Dual H-Bridge Motor Control

The DHB-10 is a thing of beauty!

Finally cracked under the great emotional strain of the new Arlo Complete Robot System release and ordered the DHB-10 Dual H-Bridge. It is back ordered right now - which should give me time to study the pdf product info...

My Arlo-like version is a bit Frankenstein-ish going back to the original 12 V Wheel and Motors, MadeUSA, Eddie, etc. - even have one HDPE platform and one plywood platform! ;-)

With the new DHB-10 - I should be able to play with new stuff up on and use my Propeller Activity Board along with the new motor controller for some "up-to-date" fun without the nifty wooden box, of course, - maybe erco can send me some scrap plywood...

The Arlo Complete Robot System in its neat wooden box!

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