Friday, February 29, 2008

My New Wallpaper - WALL-E

I just added this image as the new wallpaper on my computer. This is from Walt Disney's upcoming movie titled WALL-E. It is a Pixar film. The Internet Movie Database has this information about WALL-E which is scheduled to be out in June 27, 2008. This movie should be fun for me, my wife and kids (especially me)! See the trailer here.

I also found this, which is a Pixar creation. It is an ad for a WALL-E robot, made by Buy-N-Large (This is a link to their "website" - very funny). Enjoy...

This got me thinking that it would be fun to make my own WALL-E - then I found this just a hour or two later on the Parallax Forums. My friend and fellow robot builder StampNut2 (his site is Robotic Madness) posted his WALL-E here. Check out his beautiful craftsmanship shown in the pictures and read the discussion. It would still be fun to make one!

Edit- My son made this drawing of WALL-E's arch enemy, TALL-E. As you can see in the sketch, TALL-E has legs and according to my son, laser eyes. Yikes! WALL-E be warned.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Robot Design - TRSBot

Not to be out done, my daughter had to design her own robot in response to my son's design posted here. Notice the tank tread locomotion and the two grippers on the body. Another excellent design.

You may check out the sound this bot makes by clicking Gabcast! - TRSBot Sound

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Robot Portrait

I was surfing some robotics' sites the other day and found a great link to Robot Portraits. Ben Rollman is an artist in Austin, Texas who does some very interesting work. Ben takes photos of people and transforms them into robots (see his U.S. presidents) . I had to have one of these for my blog! Check out some more of Ben's work here on After an e-mail or two with some attached photos - Ben went to work and made the drawing above - complete with the Episcopal Church's shield.

Ben also makes a video of each piece of art being created along with music of Ben's choosing. The You-Tube link is below also. The music attached to my file is Soul Man by the Blues Brothers. Incidently, in Dan Ackroyd's T.V. series, Soul Man - Ackroyd was an Episcopal priest.

The 5"X 7" original art is mailed to you, the digital artwork and video are posted on Ben's blog for the world to enjoy. The price for all of this is only $15.00. Amazing!

Thanks for your great work Ben!