Sunday, August 23, 2015

Radio Shack Deals!

One of the nicest Radio Shacks in our area, the one in Ruston, is going to the dark side - meaning it is becoming basically a phone store. Ugh!

They did have some things on sale yesterday and I picked up some bargains. There were many other bargains too. If I had a pile of money, I would have gotten more. This is what I got...

Another multi-meter test lead kit (different than the one posted below) - was $18.49 and I got it for $9.25.

I also got a Parallax Line Follower Kit for the Boe-Bot Robot. This sells for $29.99 at the Parallax Store, but Radio Shack had it on clearance for $18.00. I is great accessory for any of the Boe-Bot Robots. 

These are great deals, but I would trade them for the old Radio Shack!

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