Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another Video of Lunokhod 1 - Луноход I

Best video I have found yet on the Lunokhod1 - Луноход 1 - Great simulations open this video... 

Великие открытия / Вячеслав Довгань, пилот лунохода
Great Discoveries / Vyacheslav Dovgan, Moonwalker Pilot

As you may know from earlier posts Lunokhod (Луноход in Russian) is translated Moonwalker.

This video gives a view of how the space program was followed with pride by folks in the Soviet Union at a time parallel to when I was growing up in the U.S. watching our space program unfold. 

The images literally bring tears to my eyes because of all they communicate about that period of time - the joy of discovery - the respect for ingenuity, science and engineering - and also the underlying fear and suspicion of our adversaries on the other side. AMAZING stuff!

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