Thursday, August 13, 2015

Analog Multi-meter

How to use an old school analog multi-meter. The demo board in the video is based on a classic Simpson Analog Multi-meter (see the photos below the video). 

The Classic Simpson 260-8 and its handsome family below...

One day I will find one of these classic Simpsons for my lab - till then I picked up an inexpensive TekPower 7244L Analog Multi-meter - also shown below. The L is for backlight (a nice little extra). 

I also found a neat little black canvas case for the meter and test leads at Walmart. Here is a photo.

My inexpensive Analog Multi-meter, test leads and case.
And for good measure (yuk, yuk!), one more simple video on all you can do with an inexpensive analog multi-meter.

A fun addition to the lab and it is good to understand how things work. I, of course, have good and better, modern Digital Multi-meters that find the correct range automatically and display very accurate measurements. 

Think slide rule versus a digital calculator. ;-) Hey, why not have both?

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