Monday, July 27, 2015

Robotics Under the Stole and red sea robotics © Write to Stanford University!

Okay - this all started like this. I was working on getting my cool red sea robotics © long sleeve T shirts (See here) -  printed from CustomInk. They are a really fun company that does excellent work and the ones who makes the Robothon T Shirts every year!

They called me today concerned about a trademark/copyright conflict with Stanford's Red Sea Robotics Exploratorium (they do actual robotic exploration of the Red Sea and develop the robots to do the work!). I think they thought I had copied Stanford's logo and was using it without permission. I told them the whole story...They are thinking about it...

In the mean time...

I did this - I went to Stanford's graphic standard department and tried to call to ask for permission - the mailbox was full and I could not reach an operator! So, I went to the Red Sea Robotics Exploratorium site and saw that one of the faculty members is Oussama Khatib - who is an amazing roboticist and has some great online courses in robotics! So I wrote him this email...

Dear Professor Khatib,

I am an Episcopal priest and amateur roboticist.  I have watched with great interest some of your excellent videos about robotics and learned so much.

My weblog is called Robotics Under the Stole and is here
I recently tried to order some long sleeve T shirts from Custom Ink for my self owned and named company and robotic's club (For me and my friends) red sea robotics. The logo is below and features red waves and a red "c". (PHOTO IS NOW ABOVE)

Custom Ink looked online for copyright violation and is concerned about Stanford's Red Sea Robotic's Exploratorium and a violation with my logo.

The whole story about my logo/name coming from the small town where I served - Mer Rouge (Louisiana) or red sea in French is here -  - along with other info. I first made a sketch of the idea with a red "C" on June 3, 2011 and I do not know if you all had your name first or not or if this is even a true copyright conflict. I love what you all are doing.

My question is how to go about getting written permission to use this logo of my own design without worrying about a conflict with Stanford. Do you know who I should ask? Do I need to ask.

Custom Ink is deciding if they think it is a conflict based on my explanation of the design and they may print it anyway - but I am asking...

Thanks for the leadership and educational resources that you and Stanford provide in this endlessly fascinating field!

Thanks for any help you might give me and for your time.

All the best,


The Rev'd T. Whitfield Stodghill, III
Now, the fun begins... Will CustomInk print my shirts - deciding there is no conflict and that the logo is my own design (which it is)? Will I get a response from Stanford or Khatib? Should I offer to send a shirt to Khatib? Does any of this matter? Does anyone but me care? Will all the buzz make demand for the cool T shirt go through the roof?

Stay tuned to Robotics Under the Stole for the latest info!

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