Monday, July 20, 2015

Digital Synthesis Function Generator Kit

A bit of fun of the way!

DIY FG085 DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator Kit With Panel


The output signal types: sine, square, triangle, positive and negative sawtooth, positive and negative staircase, user-defined arbitrary waveforms, and servo control signal
Frequency range: 0 - 200KHz (sine)
Frequency resolution: 1Hz
Frequency accuracy: 0.149Hz (when F> 40Hz time), 0.000596Hz (when F <= 40Hz time)
Cycle Resolution: 1ms
Amplitude range: 0 - 10V pp
Amplitude accuracy: 0.1V
DC offset range: -5V - + 5V
DC offset Accuracy: 40mV
Waveform memory depth: 256 bytes
Maximum sample rate: 2.5Msps
Trigger Input Level: High 3.5V (minimum), low 1.5V (maximum)
When the trigger waveform output delay: less than 5 subtle
Synchronous output: TTL level
Output Impedance: 50 ohm
Power supply voltage: 15V DC
Supply Current: <150ma load="" no="" o:p="">

The main operating modes:

Fixed-frequency mode (CW)
Sweep mode (SWEEP)
Servo signal patterns (SERVO)

Here is a video, but the one I ordered has a face panel (see above).

By the way, that is the same Oscilloscope that I have in the video above - see here.

A link for the unit at the maker is here -

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