Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stairway to Heaven

Carol Lynn Hazlett , a Parallax Forum friend, has been enjoying her Parallax S2 and came up with a spiral she named Stairway to Heaven! In the words of the rock-n-roll classic, "There walks a lady we all know, Who shines white light and wants to show" - how to have some fun robotic fun! Led Zepplin - modified by your's truly.

Stairway to Heaven
She is a Contributing Editor at Robot Magazine, Contributing Designer at MINDS-i Robotics, Inc, a collector of all thing bovine, and an active member of the Seattle Robotics Society - facebook page is here. It is one of the oldest robotic's clubs in the country. They are also the sponsors of the Robothon - it's page is here and the event is on facebook here.

Carol is one steely eyed robot building and programming woman! Reminds me so much of mom who loved technology her whole life, loved to teach and loved learning!

In her most recent article in the July/August edition of Robot Magazine, Carol writes, "In almost every robotic project I attempt I am way over my head going into it... My point here is; don't avoid doing robotics because you think you can't or you don't know what you are doing, just dive off the deep end and start swimming."

She concluded the article with the following words, "Don't let the complexity of a robotics project stop you from doing it. Just do it one piece or one sub-system at a time and eventually, you will have a working robot."

This kind of courage and stick-to-it-ness is what I love about roboticists - both amateur and professional! It inspires me to try new things and learn new things.

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