Monday, May 18, 2015

red sea robotics©

I began to first think about robotics in October of 2006 and soon it was my hobby and away from church obsession. My family and I were living in Mer Rouge, Louisiana at the time where I was serving as the priest or rector at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and the vicar at The Church of the Redeemer in Oak Ridge, Louisiana.

At the time I began, my hobby was a secret because I did not know what people might think. Because confidential information shared with a priest must remain secret - such confidences are said to be "under the stole" because the priest wears a stole as a symbol of the office. Hence, the name of my blog - "Robotics Under the Stole" and my robot-priest logo. More on that here.

Mer Rouge is named because when it was discovered its grass prairie was covered with a grass with red hue - and called red sea - in French - Mer Rouge.

To commemorate that start - now almost a decade ago - my blog will also become the home of red sea robotics©. I will use this name as a personalized way to identify my future work in robotics, as a company name (just in case), and mostly as a way to remember... Here is the new logo (My first, simpler logo, still with the red "c" was created June 3, 2011 - just before we moved).

Edit - I may have to get some T shirts made. Look at this cool design I created at the CustomInk website. Looks pretty cool, eh? I think I like this one below better though!

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