Friday, May 22, 2015

Labyrinth in the Sand

Had a great discussion with my friend and fellow priest, Stacey, today about the labyrinth bot (see this post below). Some great ideas started to come together. One involved the great difficulty of creating a labyrinth (for most people). If a robot could draw the labyrinth with chalk on a parking lot surface - it could then be painted or just allow to wash away with the next rain.

Temporary labyrinths could also be created on the beach and the washed away with the next tide. The robot would do the hard work of lay out and drawing and people could enjoy watching it done and then have the fun of walking the finished product.

Disney has been working to develop a sand drawing bot for fun and artistic purposes. Its fat tires prevent the rolling bot from messing up the image being drawn. Check it out in the following video. It would be fun for all these ideas to come together!


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