Friday, September 5, 2014

Robotic's Lab 3.1

My robotic's lab is set-up again and ready for some fun. I got it finished at the tail end of the summer and am back in business after a big mess and long hiatus when we moved.

I began at our old house with just a table in my bedroom - I'll call that Lab 1.0. Then, I moved my lab into the corner of our den - that was Lab 2.0. Lab 2.1 was a slight remodel when I got a computer, just for robotic's work.  My wife found the great glass door storage cabinets (say 2.1.5) and then I re-arranged in the same location - That was Lab 2.2.

When we moved to our new house, we unpacked mostly, but the Lab was still really not set-up, so Lab 3.0 wasn't really functional and just sat there unused. Ugh!

This summer my son and I decided enough was enough. So... Here are the photos of Lab 3.1. Standing in the middle of the room and turning clockwise, here are four views. I can find everything now.

Now to to get it messy again - but this time in a fun way.

Main Work Area

Storage Cabinets and Book Case

Desk and Raspberry Pi 

Storage Cabinet and Tool Chest

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