Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Measuring Customer Service

I was lucky enough to have purchased Parallax's original 12 Volt Motor and Wheel Kit (featured in this old thread on the Parallax Forums) that Parallax sold. It featured the encoder wheels and sensors shown below. This was the unit used on the Eddie Robot Platform and I think the original MadeUSA Platform. Encoders are used to keep wheels running at the same speed so that a robot continues in a straight path and to measure the distance the robot has traveled.

Original 9 Tab Encoder Wheels

Later generations of the Motor Mount and Wheel Kit (Aluminum) (in addition to adding a less expensive Motor Mount and Wheel Kit - Molded Plastic) and now the new Arlo Robotics Platform System include the much more precise 36-Position Quadrature Encoder Set. Compare the old 9 tab wheel to the new 36 tab wheel!

Newer 36 Tab Wheels
I wondered if the new encoders and sensors would work on the original 12 Volt Motor and Wheel Kit and asked a question on the Forums in this thread

Not only did I get a quick reply from Ken Gracey, the company's president - Parallax sent me the upgrade at no charge! This usually sells for $39.99! 

Parallax provides the best customer service I have ever seen! My new 36-Position Quadrature Encoder Set is just one measure of that service! Thanks Parallax!

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