Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FastRobotics Robot Shield

FastRobotics is now marketing a line of Quickstart Shields that utilize the Parallax Propeller Quickstart Board. The announced the new line on the Parallax Forums and offered new customers a free T Shirt with a purchase.

What I will get is their first product!  The Robot Shield, Revision A, connects to the Quickstart and they are marketing it as "a great board to get quickly get your Robot up and running."  The Robot Shield was initially developed for David Gitz's Masters Thesis. Now they are making them to sell to others. They will soon have a Kickstarter and will be releasing the B Revision. 

Here is a photo of the Robot Shield, Revision A, mounted on a Parallax Propeller Quickstart Board and a photo of the T Shirt too.

By the way, the T Shirt is printed by CustomInk.com - the same company that printed the Robothon T Shirt I posted previously - Seems like a very cool company.

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