Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where Art Meets Electronics

Got a lesson all about Manhattan or Ground Plane Construction yesterday from my friend Bob (KC5WA - his website is here). I have been reading about this for some time - lots of pdfs and good info on the web. Some of the best are Chuck Adams - K7QO's pdf on Manhattan Building Techniques, Advanced Manhattan Building (also by Adams), and Homebrew Construction Practices, From Copper to Manhattan, by Paul Harden - NA5N.

Also has great info and supplies. I ordered some things and look forward to experimenting a bit. Check out Rex - W1REX's MePads, MeSquares & MeTubes Sample Pack and his Manhattan Chowder Kit! Dave Richards AA7EE is another artist - Some of his work is shown below.

Lots of radio folks use this method to build and experiment. As you can see - it is beautiful and functional!

AA7EE's WBR Regen Reciever - (video), Blog build post.

AA7EE's 9 volt transmitter

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