Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Subtle Improvement

The New Headline - Readers who really want to know can Google robot priest images.
Since I first began blogging under the title Robotics Under the Stole, I've featured a sidebar cover from Weekly World News that I saw long ago. I always loved it because showed a robotic priest!

The headline or reason for using Mechanical Holy Men was that is was part of a secret plan or conspiracy theory imagined by the spoof tabloid newspaper. The reason given for "the plan" concerned a grave problem in the life of the church that is not a matter to joke about. I recently noticed that it was inappropriate and that I was not comfortable with the original (meaning - no one ever complained, but that I was moved to see it differently myself).

So, after some reflection, I made a change in the headline to the one as shown above and now used in the sidebar - It is better that the original and still fits my purpose here! My apologies for years that I insensitively - even if unintentionally - used the original.

I still love the Pope and the cheesy vested robot!

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