Thursday, April 7, 2016

Roboteer Head Wear

Roboteer in danger of a sunburn.

Head protected, Showing Customer Loyalty, but a bit Geeky! 

Head protected, Showing Customer Loyalty, Looking Sporty
Thanks erco!


Ken Gracey said...

This man has healthy hobbies and lots of style. He's protecting himself from radiation in order to keep his brain functional for further robotic hobby development. In the middle picture he's modeling a more nerdy robohead protection cover, with the last photo representing a more sporty, athletic style transforming the nerdy guy into something more socially acceptable.

Unknown said...

Nice. Now you need a silver hat with blinking LEDs. Some chrome for the dome!

JonB said...

blinking LEDs could be accomplished. Might need to use a RaspberryPi Zero, though (my current project for wearables)

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