Friday, April 1, 2016

LED Dot Matrix Printing for Parallax S2 - Update

A little update on LED Dot Matrix Printing for the the Parallax S2 (from here over on the Parallax Forums) and as a follow up to my previous post below. This is all done using the simple GUI Program Maker and a little ingenuity and follows up on all sorts of LED printing started by Carol Lynn Hazlett - see it all on the thread.

As I said on the forum post, Here is the latest new photo, and New Dot Matrix diagram. (I am getting it more dialed in - as I have said the turn is the trickiest part - LED separate pass alignment vertically and horizontally and over the length of the word.) I am working on some other info and full documentation on this and will start a new thread over at the forums and publish it all there. 

For now, enjoy this... This is a good compliment I think to Nikos' S2 Alphabet.

"Bulb Exposure of LED Dot Matrix Printing - About 1 minute long!

Dot Matrix Map of the "HELLO!" Message

Screen-shot of  some of my Dot Matrix Alphabet

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