Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Two Servo Walker Badge Hack

Ken Gracy, over at Parallax, beat us all to the punch with a three servo walker hack of the Hackable Electronic Badge. Photo below from the Parallax Facebook page. Looks great, I think, and I will surely want one!  (previously posted below)

But, I had been thinking of a two servo hack version similar to the Solarbotic's JBB Walker but using the new badge for the brains... Here is a photo of the Solarbotic's bot, which is a Mark Tilden BEAM design - sporting a single guitar string whisker!

Lastly, here is a video of my proposed work in progress. This is intended to show the idea powered by the Propeller. It uses two Parallax Standard Servos (rubber banded together) and some simple wire (coat hanger) legs. I wrote a simple C program for my Propeller Board of Education (which is similar to the Propeller Activity Board used on the Parallax Activity Bot) - it oscillates the servos back and forth (180 degrees out of phase with each other). And away she walks... I will dub my version the "Badge Bot.

More news to follow I hope. The idea is to have a self contained hack that simply attaches to the Hackable Electronic Badge. You would then upload the program to the Badge and away you'd go. I would like to take advantage of the badges' 3-axis accelerometer, OLED display, tri-color RGB LEDs, passive touch-buttons, and stereo audio too! 

The badge is so capable and an easy-to-attach walking or rolling chassis is a just a great idea!

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