Saturday, July 29, 2017

BlocklyProp - A Way In

The more I play with, experiment with, and use BloclyProp, the more convinced I am that this is truly a way in for programmers and roboticist of any age. It so simple and intuitive, a child can learn to use it in minutes, yet it allows complex programs to be written as well! This is a way in the door for a new group of hobbyists and makers who have longed to write their own code but were intimidated by syntax and the all the choices of programming languages. By generating C code (easily viewed), BlocklyProp is a teaching tool for learning C that is very accessible.

Thanks to Google for providing the open source tools and to Parallax's team for developing their own version for the Propeller Chip. BlocklyProp is fun to use, and a wonderful teaching tool. It is a new way for more folks to join the process of learning to create their own programs!

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