Monday, January 2, 2017

Blockly for Microcontrollers Facebook Group

Parallax has started a Blockly Public Group on Facebook to provide a discussion place for all things Blockly and with all microcontrollers (not just Parallax products!).

Parallax President and CEO, Ken Gracey, says, "Google's Blockly visual programming environment has been branched for many microcontrollers for use with robotics, sensors, and electronic circuits. It's proven to be a very powerful programming system for learning text-based programming languages in education. Share projects, ask questions, and just learn about this tool on this Group.
This group is for Blockly with all types of platforms: Ardublocks, PICAxe, BlocklyProp, Lego, etc.

Parallax's own branch of Blockly is called BlocklyProp - It is a wonderful tool for programming and learning to program. 

Join us in the discussion and fun... Blockly for Microcontrollers is here -

While you are at it, visit Parallax to see all the ways they have to experiment with Blockly - and my personal favorites the Scribbler 3 or S3 Robot and the BlocklyProp Starter Kit - what a great way to get started!


Ken Gracey said...

Thank you for the mention, Whit! Pretty soon we'll start showing some impressive projects with Blockly.

ercost60 said...

Now you're barkin'!

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