Sunday, November 6, 2016

Saintly Robot?

On most holidays, I try to post something robotic. November 1 is All Saints' Day - and today, the Sunday after All Saints', is usually the day we in the Church remember all the saints (the people of the Church - famous and ordinary) who loved and cared for the Church in their day and who passed it on to us. We are reminded that it is our job to care for the Church now and pass it on to others.

The same is true in any field of endeavor. Each generation contributes to and hands on to others. In the fields of robotics, science, and engineering, we say, "We stand on the shoulders of giants!" We add our contribution and then hand our love of robotics to others - who carry on the work for generations to come.

Today, I Googled "saint + robot," and found this - San Robot! It is an "icon-like" image of a robot!

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