Friday, September 30, 2016

Scribbler 3 Educators' Courses in Iowa

Robotic's Educators are the best!
Ken Gracey posted a great story here at Parallax Insider News about the very first Scribbler 3 Educators Course - held in Iowa. Lots of great photos are posted too! Here are a few...
 I wish Ken was a bit more enthusiastic!
S3s on the loose! Who left the door open?
Look at these spiro-graphic images below!
I am very excited about this bit of information shared at the end of the article... 

"Are you an educator who’d like to learn about the S3? We’ll be running some YouTube Live sessions for you in October! The week of October 17-21, I [Ken] will be running four one-hour YouTube Live S3 Robot and Blockly introductions. Each presentation will be 30 minutes of demonstration followed by a questions/answers. Details and signups will be posted soon!"

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