Sunday, August 21, 2016

Not Just a Slogan!

Those of you who follow my blog know I am a Parallax fan and dedicated customer. Here is one reason why...

This graphic is not just an advertising slogan. Visit Parallax's online store or or their amazing user forum at and see for yourself. Almost all their excellent resources are available online or in pdf - completely free for anyone to use! The company has the best technical, educational and customer support in the business.

This is exactly how I started in robotics - by reading and studying their materials online - I did not have much money at the time and was not sure what to buy. So I studied, and studied - for free and then eventually made a dive into the deep end! The people at Parallax and other users of their products have taught and encouraged me at every stage along the way.

They have a new educational robot coming soon - the S3 - expect to hear a lot here about this little but powerful educational robot! Simple enough for a child - powerful enough for an experienced roboteer The S3 will be used from elementary schools to universities!

You can read more about the S3 robot here and more about BlocklyProp here.

Blockly, Google's open source graphic programming language, has been developed by the Parallax as BlocklyProp. It is going to be an amazing education tool and is powerful, but is also just plain fun!


Carol Hazlett said...

Whit is right, this is a great teaching tool! It not only teaches basics of robotics and programming, it teaches math in and graphic way.

Stacey Grossman said...

who knew I would be learning about robotics from a seminary classmate! Love you, Polly!

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