Sunday, July 31, 2016

S3 Robots in Production

Ari Alvarez at Simply Tronics posted this report and the fantastic photos above about the production of Parallax's new S3 robot which is underway right now! Ari, a former Parallax employee said,

 "Usually we cannot distribute any information about the products we are manufacturing for other companies, but in this case Parallax allowed SimplyTronics to talk about S3 production. They were so nice to even list SimplyTronics as manufacturer of the S3, printed on the plastic shell itself.
As the testing lab confirms FCC, CE, Prop 65 and other test results we are moving the S3 robots into production. The first units will be arriving to Parallax soon!"
Simply Tronics has been in operation since 2005 supporting Parallax Inc offshore manufacturing and component sourcing in Asia. Their online shop is here.

Can't wait for this robot to be available to by and play with! I love the whole Scribbler family of robots! They have more features and serious capability in their price range that any robot on the market, yet are simple enough for a child to learn to us! Great robot from a great company! Plus Parallax has the best technical and customer support ever! As soon as I know they are for sale - I'll let you know!

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