Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More S3 Info - The New GUI!

Parallax CEO, Ken Gracey posted, 
"The initial software release will consist of the S2 GUI for Windows updated for the S3. This spring we will initiate a totally new S3 GUI project for Mac, Windows and Linux (the current S2 GUI is written in Perl and doesn’t port easily to other operating systems). The new S3 GUI would likely be designed in the open source Qt tool suite. More on that software to follow - for now we simply need to let you know that the S3 hardware will be released in a backward-compatible format until we have the software that will really show off the S3’s new features properly.
We also have in development an iPad version in design. The iPad would require the installation of an XBee WiFi module for programming. Here’s a sample in-progress video:

Here is a little tease on the new look too...

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