Friday, February 19, 2016

Parallax S2 Spirograph

Here is an idea to follow up on Carol's light scribbling with the S2 - you can see her work here on the Parallax Forums on the Nikos' Fibonacci Spiral Challenge thread.. The little S2 badge (which she used for the LED) on the S2 got me thinking...

We all played with Spirographs (See Wikipedia - Spirograph - youngsters and the great gif below) when we were little. Here is an S2 (the bottom is the ring - and travels in a simple circle - Wiki article has all this too.) and the S2 on the top, the one riding on a platform is the wheel - spinning around an axis axis that travels a circular path. 

A time lapse photo of this should be very interesting...via Carol and her husband photographer (bulb, f20, iso 100)

Ring size and speed and the spin of the wheel (the formula for the shape created) could be adjusted to create various effects. Nikos' work on the same Forum thread can apply for this purpose. 

More to come when time allows - but this is the concept. 

Note: The black tape is used to cover LED light bleed (and the power LED - can be controlled in Spin) and until I find a more elegant solution.

Spirograph gif via Wikipedia

Bottom - "Ring" S2 and Upper - "Wheel" S2
that turns circles while riding on the platform.

Side by Side (Platform and Post)

Platform Foam Core Disk (7" Dia.)

Side View of Platform and Post

Post - Sized to Pen Port (5" Long)

Lower Disks to Raise Platform above Wheels
(3" Dia.)

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