Saturday, January 2, 2016

Robots at Disney World and Epcot

Just returned from a great trip to Disney World and Epcot in Florida. Here are the robotic photos that I collected. They include things from the Hall of Presidents, Space Mountain, Souvenirs, Star Wars, Big Hero 6 and more. You will recognize a few of this characters - I am sure...

Robot Butler

Robot Waiter


C3PO Mickey Ears

Whit and the Robo-Newz Bot

Robo-Newz Bot

Big Hero 6 Poster

Big Hero 6 Poster - San Fran Sokyo

Big Hero 6 Poster

Robot Movie Poster

R2D2 Mickey Ears

Baymax and Thomas

Whit, Baymax and Thomas

Tomorrowland Medallion

Invisible Anamatronic Abe

Baymax in the workshop

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