Friday, March 27, 2015

Parallax's New S3 Robot

Over at the Parallax Forums, they are busy whipping the faithful into a frenzy by teasing us with renderings o the new design for the S3 Robot. Ben Wirz, who is working on the design posted this today...I also made the link to the 3D PDF below active too - for your viewing pleasure. The thread is here.
This will be and absolutely amazing teaching tool. Like so many of Parallax's products, this robot shows the characteristics of a product developed and improved over generations of use and study!
I hope to be in line for one of the early S3s! Ben's post said...    
        A few S3 renderings. I'll send this off to the SLA Printer next week. 
       I also added in a 3D PDF for anyone who wants to really get a good look.


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