Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

From my friend Nikos via the Parallax Facebook page... His original post is here. And the Spin (code) is here!

Ρομπότ: Δεν έχουν αισθήματα αλλά μπορούν να εκφράσουν τα αισθήματα αυτών που τα προγραμματίζουν! Άλλωστε ο έρωτας είναι κάτι πολύ υποκειμενικό και εκφράζεται με άπειρους τρόπους.... Happy Valentines day with Parallax MicrocontrollersandRobots S2 robots!
Robot: you don't have feelings but can express the feelings of those who plan ahead! After all the love is something very subjective and is expressed in countless ways .... Happy Valentines day with Parallax MicrocontrollersandRobots S2 robots!

Or, use your S2 to deliver your candy or flowers as seen on this video from Jessica at Parallax!

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