Friday, October 24, 2014

Interactive Media Publishing and My S2 Videos

In the report posted below, Ken Gracey, of Parallax, had some reference info in his presentation to the teachers about a company called Interactive Media Publishing. See It is a company that makes education material for different age levels and uses the S2, BoeBot and some other bots. Below is the video for the Middle 5-8 grade program. 

Also the High School bot uses the S2 - and Fluke 2 (which I did not know about) to teach Python programming! I knew that the Serial port was retained for compatibility with the old IPRE Fluke - but I thought it wasn't around anymore...Who knew?

The biggest surprise was on a info page they had about the Parallax S2 robot. Here is a link. At the bottom of the page, there are links to videos of the S2 in action. Two of the five YouTube videos are by yours truly!

S2 Scribbling Robot and
The Parallax S2 Reveals its Soul

They did not link to:
Better Propeller Beanie 2.0 which is, as its name implies, a better beanie!

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