Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Apparently, I was good boy this year. I got lots of goodies from my wife and kids, even though the kids didn't know what most of it was. Everytime I opened a box, my kids would say, "What in the world is that?" to which I replied, of course,"It's cool robot stuff." Oh," they would say. Herbie the Mousebot is pictured above right. Here's the list with the links:

From Parallax:

BOE-Boost - had to try it out. It is basically a fifth battery holder for the BOE-bot that lets you run rechargable batteries (takes 5 rechargables [1.2V X 5 = 6V] to equal 4 [1.5V X 4V = 6V]alkaline batteries). I already have a 5 cell holder which I got here.

ServoPAL -can't wait to play with this. This maintains a PWM signal to servos, so the Basic Stamp Microcontroller can do other tasks.

SoundPAL and PIEZO speaker - for fun! This is small sound module that can play canned and programed sounds.

Educational CD - Basic Stamps in Action - to show kids for classes or Robot camp (and for me too!)

Plus, thanks to Parallax's agreement with Radio Shack, my wife also surprised me with another Ping))) Ultra-sonic Sensor and a PIR Sensor Module. These items are available in the part asile at Radio Shack anytime locally!

From Solarbotics:

Make Volume 06 Solar Roller Bundle - this was a BEAM Roller featured in Make Magazine.

Herbie the Mousebot Kit (in red) - a little mouse-bot and light chaser (shown above).

L298 Compact Motor Driver Kit - I may use this motor driver on Robot 1 (my first robot).

I also got some misc parts (capacitors, 1381 voltage triggers).

From Electronix Express:

Microbug Kit - this kit is made by Velleman and is a light chaser too.

A few tools like this Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner (and a replacement pad), 7" Curved and 7" Straight clamps and Lead Bend Gauges (one for 1/2 and 1/4 watt and one for 1 and 2 watt size).

My wife also found this Solar Panel at our local Academy Sports. Mine is a 6 volt model (the link is to a 12 volt model).

No coal this year! Needless to say, I'll be busy...

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