Friday, September 7, 2007

Robot Face

I just started a new project. I want to make a robot face using the new Parallax's new uOLED (micro OLED). I will draw bitmaps and will switch between bitmap drawings of a face as relates to what is happening with the robot. Say the robot bumps into something, it looks startled or it blushes.

For my proof of concept project, I am using Sonny's face from iRobot. The bitmaps will be 128 pixels square (screen size). I chose a black background to minimize power usage. I may mount it to a bracket with a Ping))) ultrasonic sensor, so it turns and looks with the Ping))). You could even add speech with a synthesizer and match it with mouth movement.

Here is a copy of the blank face. I know I want to make one where Sonny winks, and the blush. A friend suggested that it yawn when inactive for a bit. Other ideas?

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