Saturday, July 4, 2015

Klein Bottle Storage Robot

This guy, Clifford Stoll, build a robot to retrieve his Klein Bottles from the crawl space under his Oakland, California home. I was interested in the Robot (which uses Parallax parts) which I saw here

Then (like you maybe), I asked, "What the heck is a Klein Bottle? That sent me to this video. Warning - This may make your brain hurtThis guy is way too smart. What an interesting character and idea! Great robot too!

Enjoy! Want one? Visit Acme Klein Bottles at

Friday, July 3, 2015

Universal Robot Gripper

As posted previously...In this project, Make Magazine's Jason Poel Smith shows you how to make a universal robot gripper using an ordinary balloon and coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are placed in the balloon. When the balloon is inflated, the coffee grounds are loose and will easily move around an object. But when the air is sucked out of the balloon, the grounds are pulled together and grip the object from all sides. This works because of a process called "jamming": When a granular material such as coffee grounds is compressed, the friction between the grains locks them in place. 

I may have to make one of these!

Old Faithful...

Parallax Propeller - another Old Faithful for Ken Gracey. The Propeller Beanie makes it to Yellowstone!

Universal Robot Gripper

There is a great article on Make Magazine's recent Robot Making special edition - this's gazing was on of my Father's Day gifts! A link to the online instructions is here -

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cool Site!

The Slide Rule Universe - - WAY too much fun! Thanks to Loopy over at the Psrallax Forums.

Robo-prize Bags

Stitched clothe surprise bag from the farmer's market in Helena, Montana. Really cute - but I wouldn't want to open it! It is perfect for people my age though!

Queen Elizabeth - A Robot Fan?

Queen Elizabeth at a robotic's demonstration on her visit to Germany! God save the Queen!